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Gym in the aquabasilea

Strength and endurance training in a unique atmosphere – the days when a gym was just a room full of dumbbells and weights are over. There is of course still strength training equipment, but in aquabasilea we add group fitness, the Adventure Pool, sauna and wellness offers.





In the gym area, we offer

  • Qualitop certified training centre
  • Training areas supervised during opening hours
  • Open daily from 6.30 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
  • Request free trial training here now.

The right setting for your training

With a view over aquabasilea and with plenty of daylight, you can carry out strength and endurance training and also approach your sporting ambition or health-conscious goals just as you wish. The aquabasilea gym area has an open architectural design and provides a pleasant, communicative setting for your training.

Individual training on 350 m²

Train individually or as part of a group. There are about 80 items of strength and endurance training equipment in an area of 350 m² available for you to do so. Alternating power and relaxation courses are currently taking place in the 100 m² course area.

State-of-the-art training

Our items of fitness equipment are not just networked with one another, they also offer access to the Internet. And if you prefer to listen to radio or your iPod, watch TV or play games, you can also find what you want.

Personal supervision

Our qualified fitness trainers, both male and female, will instruct you in the training method and the use of the equipment and also assist you in achieving fast and permanent results in a short time with an individual training plan. A supervisor is present within the gym area at all times to assist you with advice or action if required.

More endurance

Training on the different items of endurance equipment will get your circulation moving. You will de-stress, strengthen your immune system and the body’s defences. There will be a positive influence on breathing and the metabolism. During training, you will find yourself filling up with strength, energy and a positive mood. You can choose from cycles, treadmills, cross-trainers, stair climbers and spin wheels.

More strength

Our bones and joints are surrounded by muscles that can take a lot of strain off our skeleton if we train and strengthen our muscles evenly. Muscles help us to acquire a correct, healthy body posture. During training you will experience your body and the individual muscle strands intensively. If your back and abdominal muscles are well trained, they will take the strain off your spine and protect your discs.

Weight reduction

Studies have confirmed that most of those training will build up muscle mass after as little as two months. This not only improves self-confidence, appearance and physical fitness, but also increases the basic metabolic rate and daily calorie requirement. This speeds up the metabolism and activates fat burning.

Experience group dynamics

The varied programme of courses follows the seasons and current trends. You can find the current programme in our special course flyers. Included in our range of offers are various forms of aerobics, muscle pump, cycling, aqua cycling, body toning, kick power, back exercises, yoga and pilates.

Additional offers

The training options are supplemented by group fitness courses and a multi-option Pool World, both included in the subscription price. Our extensive Sauna World is also available to you at a very attractive price.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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Gym in the aquabasilea

Strength and endurance training in a unique atmosphere – the days when a gym was just a room full of dumbbells and weights are over.


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