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EMS Training in the aquabasilea gym

The high-efficiency 20 min training sessions will get your body in top shape.

Activate your inner powerhouse

In electric muscle stimulation (EMS) training, almost all your motor units are activated synchronically. Previously, you could only train a few groups of muscles in a certain time, but now you can have whole body training all within the same period. This training also makes the activation of agonist and antagonist (opposing muscle groups) considerably more efficient. The effect is as if for example you were training biceps and triceps at the same time.



The result

A faster way to visible muscles and a well-styled body!


EMS = Electric Muscle Stimulation has its origins in physiotherapy and has an excellent effect on musculature. The electrode belt stimulates your muscles without any great effort from you. The pleasant electric impulses tighten the muscles for a brief period and then relax them again. About 20 minutes per muscle unit is sufficient.



Aims of the EMS training programme

  • Targeted building up and maintenance of musculature
  • Stabilisation of the whole muscular corset
  • Building up the deep muscle layers, which are so important particularly for helping with back and joint problems
  • Endurance and cardiovascular training
  • Effective metabolic training, fat burning and weight reduction stimulus


EMS costs

Offer MembersNon-members

Supervised EMS trial training

(1x per client)

CHF 0.– CHF 29.–
Betreutes Einzel Training EMS
CHF 65.– CHF 75.–
10-session card with personal trainer CHF 590.– CHF 690.–
10-session card without personal trainer CHF 390.– CHF 490.–

12 months – without trainer

(2 training sessions per week)

CHF 990.– CHF 990.–

12 months – with trainer

(2 training sessions per week)

CHF 990.–

+ CHF 30.– per training

CHF 990.–

+ CHF 30.– per training


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Do you have any questions?

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