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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation training in aquabasilea

The optimised and unique infrastructure of aquabasilea makes it possible

to offer an excellent all-round package in the medical area too.

Physiotherapy & rehabilitation training

The Physiotherapy Department, headed by Sandra Mast, has now made a well-respected name for itself in the Pratteln area. A wide range of knowledge gained by various professional training courses and many years of experience in practice enables the department to offer high-quality and individually tailored treatment. The use of the aquabasilea gym and the Water World provides an outstanding combination and is of great benefit particularly in outpatient rehabilitation.



Our offer:

  • Classic physiotherapy
    • Remedial treatment of physical dysfunction and pain
    • Help with acute and chronic diseases
  • Manual therapy
    • Restoring or maintaining the best possible movement function
    • Comprehensive examination
    • Specific mobilisation techniques for treatment
  • Outpatient rehabilitation
    • After accidents, operations, injuries and ailments
    • For re-learning movement sequences
    • Re-integration into everyday routines, sports and working life
  • Medical training therapy MTT
    • Movement therapy with individual training progression using equipment
  • Hydrotherapy
    • Movement therapy in water
  • Sports physiotherapy
    • Treatment, stabilisation and support of acute injuries
    • Individual consultation for athletes
  • Osteopathy
    • Holistic treatment with parietal, visceral and cranial techniques
  • Fascial techniques
    • Treatment of the soft tissue components of the connective tissue that covers the whole body as an enveloping and connecting tensional network
  • Manual lymph drainage
    • Techniques to remove congestion and support the lymphatic system
    • Compression therapy
    • Post-operative or post-traumatic
  • Taping
    • Pain relief
    • Decongestion
    • Stabilisation
    • Toning or relaxing
  • Ergonomics
    • Workplace analysis
    • Consultation
  • Prevention
    • Prevention of disease
    • Individual consultation


Working closely together with our fitness trainers has resulted in excellent quality with versatile and individual treatments. We are of course accredited by all health and accident insurers! Physiotherapy does not include entry to the pools, the sauna or hammam.



Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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