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Water skills courses in aquabasilea

Experience lightness and intensive training while being gentle on your joints.

Our wide range of water skills courses for all visitors to aquabasilea.

To the water skills courses

Aqua Gym / Water gymnastics


Aqua Gym in aquabasilea involves whole body training, where we offer exercises in shallow water up to 1.30 cm deep, at chest height, with and without equipment such as pool noodles, dumbbells, discs and kickboxing gloves. The focus is on training in the water for fun and health. Training is suitable for everyone and for all ages.


Aqua Gym increases strengthmobility and endurance and promotes relaxation. Thanks to the support of the water, joints are less stressed; training is also suitable for rehabilitation after injuries.


Exercise in the water burns significantly more calories than on dry land. Each participant can set his or her personal intensity, depending on the speed with which the movements are carried out in the water. The faster you move, the more intensive the training!


Registration is not required. The training session lasts about 45 min.

Aqua Cycling


Aqua Cycling combines the positive qualities of cycling on land with the healthy, beneficial and supporting qualities of water. The special Aqua Cycling bikes are placed in the water.


Your body is in water up to the navel. The water supports joints, ligaments and spine.


An hour of Aqua Cycling burns twice as many calories as an hour of cycling on land. The water pressure also creates a kind of lymph drainage, tightening the belly, legs and buttocks. We recommend water footwear for these training sessions.


No registration required.

We recommend water footwear for Aqua Cycling.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions?

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