Hamam World

Welcome to the most diverse Hamam world in Switzerland in Pratteln,  near Basel.

Oriental, magical, different.

Enjoy your stay at the aquabasilea Hamam

The combination of cleansing rituals, relaxation, sensual fragrances, pleasant warmth and soothing massages relieves stress, relaxes the body, cares for the skin and replenishes energy reserves.


The origins of the hamam can be traced back to the Ottoman Empire. Behind the word hamam lies an oriental cleansing ritual that developed over thousands of years. Typical "bathing clothes" are a pestemal, a cloth in which the body is wrapped.


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Stay in the Hamam 

A stay in the hamam (hamam tour) consists of 2 areas: The cleansing & sweating area (wet area) and the resting area (dry area). During the bathing ritual in the aquabasilea hamam you pass through various stations.


You start with a visit to the mild steam bath "Sogukluk". The body gently gets used to the warm temperatures and the sweat glands begin to work. This is followed by the "Kese" peeling. This is a body cleansing with a peeling glove. By rubbing with the peeling glove (without soap), the dead skin cells are removed. This treatment stimulates the blood circulation and the natural repair programme of the skin. The next station, the "Sicaklik", involves relaxing in the Relaxpool. This is followed by a short resting phase on warming couches (hot stone) or with alternating warm foot baths. Give your muscles a break and leave your everyday life behind. In order to further increase sweat production and purification/detoxification, the warmer steam bath "Bingül" follows. During deep breaths, the guest allows the soothing warmth to take effect on body and mind. To care for the skin, it is then rubbed in or off in the "Lif" with the exfoliating glove and a natural soap (e.g. oil soap). Another visit to the warm relaxation pool is followed by another resting phase (heat bench/foot bath).




Relaxation afterwards

After the ceremony, you can enjoy a warming tea in the Arabic café or relax in the rest area on the water beds. The Private Hamam Suite offers relaxation in an exclusive atmosphere.


Hamam - Etiquette


The hamam is a place of inner and outer cleansing. Please remember: There is power in tranquillity. We ask you to contribute to a calm and relaxed atmosphere.


Our hamam is not a nude area. Wearing the pestemal (towel) is obligatory. The pestemal may be taken off during body cleansing and washing in self-treatment as well as in the rhassoul.


The booked and confirmed date refers to the start of the hamam tour. If your package includes a massage, we will inform you of the treatment date on site.


The times stated for massages include the after-rest time. Admission to the aquabasilea Hamam is permitted to guests aged 16 and over.

Please report to the spa reception at least 10 minutes before your reserved appointment on the ground floor.


Please note
In case of cancellations of already booked hamam appointments within 24h we have to charge the total costs according to the price list. Appointments booked online cannot be cancelled, but can be rescheduled online up to 24h before the application date, subject to availability.


Private Hamam Suite

Experience something very special. The Private Hamam Suite offers you togetherness and relaxation in an oriental atmosphere. First relax in the Hamam Tour and then enjoy your private togetherness in the Hamam Suite with balcony.


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Hamam opening hours

Summer opening hours Hamam

01.05. – 30.09.
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 10pm
Sat, Sun & public holidays: 12am - 10pm

Daily from 8pm no coordinator in the Hamam, self-application possible.


Winter opening hours Hamam

01.10. – 30.04.
Mon - Fri: 12pm - 08pm
Sat, Sun & public holidays: 12am - 08pm