Massages & Treatments

Touch that moves body, mind and soul.

Nowadays, with a stressful everyday life, the daily burden increases for many. Needed rest and relaxation breaks for body and mind help to reduce the stress factor and maintain mental health. Massages are ideal for this.

Touch that moves body, mind and soul.

Nowadays, with a stressful everyday life, the daily burden increases for many.


Needed rest and relaxation breaks for body and mind help to reduce the stress factor and maintain mental health. Massages are ideal for this.


During a massage, several things happen at the same time: the circulation is stimulated, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells is improved and the drainage of the lymph is stimulated. In addition, targeted muscle tension, pain and discomfort can be alleviated with regular use. In addition, massages are also extremely beneficial for the soul. Tensions and anxieties are reduced and the general well-being is increased.


Our massage offer


Lava Shell Massage

Origin: South Pacific region


Beneficial, effective, tension-relieving, self-warming & completely natural. The exotic massage with warming, polished clams promotes stress relief and provides deep relaxation by loosening the muscles. The warm and smooth shells glide over the body with varying pressure and let you float into deep relaxation as if on a warm cloud. The therapist can use the massage tool with a wide variety of techniques to treat deep muscle areas.


During the massage, the shells are used to target the following areas: Palms, arms, legs, feet, neck and throat, shoulders and the entire back. The face with its more than 60 muscles is also specifically treated. Every muscle, knot and stress point is worked on and released as far as possible. This allows the energy to flow again. Body and soul come into balance.


This intensively effective massage helps with initial tension problems as well as tension headaches. This treatment is also a real blessing after a day in the office and the associated postural tension.


Partial body massage

25 minutes CHF 60.-
50 minutes CHF 110.-
Full body massage 80 minutes CHF 180.-
incl. Tropical Peeling 110 minutes CHF 210.-

Bamboo Massage

Origin: Asia


The bamboo massage is an impressive, deeply relaxing massage with bamboo sticks that combines the energy of bamboo with a particularly deep relaxation experience.

It has its origins in tropical and Asian regions. There, bamboo is a symbol of grace and strength and symbolises life energy, prosperity, eternal youth, longevity and peace.

Bamboo sticks of various sizes are used to release deep-seated tensions through different massage techniques and efficient bodywork. Individual parts of the body are massaged by rubbing, rolling, pressing and tapping with the sticks. In the process, the natural energy of the bamboo is passed on to body, mind and soul.


Due to the different sizes of the bamboo sticks used, each part of the body can be treated individually. The sticks are warmed up beforehand and the skin is also pampered with a nourishing essential oil to prepare it for the massage. During the massage, this massage tool evenly releases the heat to the body, thus providing a pleasantly warm, relaxing feeling and enhancing the positive effects of the massage.


In addition, local tensions are released, the tissue is thoroughly stimulated and the blood circulation is also vigorously stimulated. This in turn supports the lymph flow and a drainage effect is achieved. Depending on the intensity and temperature, the sticks provide an efficient muscle and connective tissue massage. The skin is smoothed and tightened.


Sensory perception is also considerably stimulated during this extraordinary and exotic massage. The natural energetic property of bamboo touches body, mind and soul in equal measure.




50 minutes CHF 110.-
incl. Bamboo-Peeling 80 minutes CHF 180.-

Hot Stone

Origin: Asian, Pacific and American regions.


More than 2000 years ago, people in many cultures already knew about the beneficial and healing effects of warm and cold stones. The combination of warm and cold stimuli, a massage and oils, which are also used in aromatherapy, appeals to body, mind and senses - the secret of every good wellness treatment.


The hot stone massage is a very old traditional form of massage. The basis is the hot stones, which are heated to approx. 55 - 60 °C in warm water. Only basalt stones are used, as they are excellent heat accumulators due to their volcanic origin. These basalt stones are flat because they have been washed away by water. The sharp edges have been eroded in the process and are now round for gentle treatment. The hot stones are not only placed on the body, they also serve as a massage tool.


A warm-up phase initiates the massage, during which warm stones are placed on your body as well as underneath. Then you will experience the actual massage. The hot stones are used as massage tools in different shapes and weights. Small pebbles are placed between the toes of your feet and larger stones are placed on strong muscles and massaged with the different curves of the stones. During this process, you will enjoy massage oils that are also used in aromatherapy. An absolute must is the resting phase after the treatment. The soothing effect of the massage is sustainably enhanced by the application of the stones.


The warmth of the hot stones enhances the effect of the actual massage and intensifies it. Deep relaxation is the positive side effect. The vascular activity is comprehensively stimulated, the metabolism is increased and the cardiovascular system is given a real boost. The cells are enriched with oxygen through the stimulated blood circulation and the lymph flow is improved, waste products are removed accordingly.


The massage can lead to tiredness and exhaustion due to the deep relaxation. However, this is only a temporary phase. Beyond that, an energetic phase full of vitality follows.

The hot stone massage is powerful and intense, although at the same time it is deeply relaxing and vitalising - a combination that distinguishes and sets this massage apart from many others.



Partial body massage

50 minutes CHF 110.-
Full body massage 80 minutes CHF 180.-
incl. healing clay peeling 110 minutes CHF 210.-

Classic massage

The term "massage" refers to a mechanical, mostly manual, influence on the skin, the deeper tissue and the musculature. Classic massage is the most frequently used form of massage and is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


Massage is one of the world's oldest methods of treatment, already found in Chinese writings dating back to 2600 BC and in the Indian art of healing.

During the Middle Ages, massage methods were partially forgotten. It was not until the 16th century that the French surgeon Ambroise Paré (1510-1590) used massage again for rehabilitation after operations and thus re-established the treatment in medicine.


The Swedish masseur Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) is considered one of the fathers of today's classical Western massages. The classical massage is therefore also called the Swedish massage. Ling's notes also contained references to various massage techniques. These were later taken up by the Dutch doctor Johan Georg Mezger (1839-1909) and the German orthopaedic surgeon Albert Hoffa (1859-1907), who developed the massage techniques of classical massage that are in use today.


Today, classical massage is the most commonly used form of manual therapy.


Partial body massage

25 minutes CHF 60.-
50 minutes CHF 110.-
Full body massage 80 minutes CHF 180.-
incl. Peeling 110 minutes CHF 210.-

Herbal stamp massage

Origin: Far East


Warm oils and powerful massage strokes, gentle stamp pressure and fragrant herbal essences: The fascination of the healing herbal stamp massage arises from the different means and techniques that it combines in a wonderful way. The result is a soothing treatment that has a positive effect on the entire organism. Stress and worries disappear in the warm herbal steam, which shows its comprehensive effect long after the treatment.


The herbal stamp massage is one of the traditional healing methods in various Far Eastern cultures. The application of herbal sachets heated in steam has a tradition dating back thousands of years.


During the massage itself, very different grips and techniques can be combined with each other. The massage therapist alternates between different massage techniques and stamps with the herbal sachet, which trigger a short and intense heat stimulus on the skin. It is this combination that provides blood circulation to the entire tissue, loosens muscles and ensures an all-round positive body feeling.


For this reason, the herbal stamp massage is also recommended, for example, to relieve pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. Warm oils or steam provide additional relaxation and the exotic herbs with their irresistible scent have a double effect:


The vapours are absorbed through the respiratory tract and transmitted directly to the nervous system, where they have a stimulating or relaxing effect, depending on the contents of the herbal stamps, and increase inner well-being. The massage also has a skin and tissue tightening effect. Through the hot steam or the warm oil, the active ingredients of the herbs penetrate through the fabric bag to the skin, where they can be absorbed directly.


The holistic effect of the herbal stamp massage should also be mentioned: In various cultural circles, it is said to have an energetic, balancing, dissolving effect that takes into account not only the physical, but also the mental-mental level. Thus, a whole range of different beneficial effects come into play in the herbal stamp massage, which in combination cover a particularly wide range of effects.


Some of the effects attributed to it you will already feel in your own body during the first treatment.



Partial body massage 50 minutes CHF 110.-
Full body massage 80 minutes CHF 180.-
incl. herbal oil peeling 110 minutes CHF 210.-

Mummy Massage

Relaxing, calming, soothing massage for expectant mothers, specially adapted to the needs and problems of pregnant women.


During the massage, tissue changes and muscle tension are released through gentle movements, pain is alleviated, stress hormones in the body are reduced and happiness hormones are released. The gentle foot peeling followed by a leg massage flatters your feet and provides a pleasant, relaxed feeling throughout the body.


In addition, the gentle, gliding movements stimulate the natural work of the placenta, which ensures better care for the baby. Gentle fragrances such as rose, lavender or sandalwood gently envelop your senses and ensure inner peace and well-being.


The relaxation of the nervous system has a calming effect on mum and baby.



  • Foot/leg massage
  • Shoulder/neck massage
  • Foot bath and gentle peeling (For 50 and 80 minutes)
  • Facial massage (50 and 80 minutes)


The massage can be booked from the third month of pregnancy.

(For the 25-minute massage, the pregnant woman can choose between a neck/shoulder massage or a foot/leg massage).


Partial body massage

25 minutes CHF 60.-
Full body massage 50 minutes CHF 110.-
80 minutes

CHF 180.-

Lomi Lomi

Origin: Hawaii


lomi = to knead or press (the doubling reinforces this meaning).

nui = big, important or unique

Lomi Lomi Nui = "unique strong kneading".


Lomi Lomi Nui, also called Lomi Lomi, is a traditional Hawaiian massage form. In its original form, it resembles therapeutic bodywork rather than a massage and treats not only the body but also the soul.


Lomi Lomi comes from the traditional healing art of Hawaii and was part of the local naturopathy, especially the herbal medicine practised by shamanic healers. It was thus part of the treatment of diseases as well as of rituals, for example the ordination of priests. Each healer developed his own massage style according to family tradition and lore, so that even in Hawaii there has never been only one "real" Lomi style.


A lot of oil is used in this massage. The practitioner works not only with the hands, but with the entire forearm including the elbows. The movements are basically flowing and slightly rocking. The "real" treatment is accompanied by Hawaiian music and chants, to which the masseur moves in rhythm around the massage table.


The massage can also vary in strength within a treatment. It can be very gentle and soothing, but also painful to release deep-seated tensions. The treatment starts with the back, which according to the shamanic view is the place of the past. Then the front part of the body is worked on, with the belly as the place of feelings and memories.

The massage releases blockages on a physical and mental level and restores the harmony of body, mind and soul.



Partial body massage 50 minutes CHF 110.-
Full body massage 80 minutes CHF 180.-
incl. Coco-Peeling 110 minutes CHF 210.-

Thai Massage

Origin: India, later Thailand


Despite the term "massage" used, Thai massage is not a massage in the classical sense. The original Thai massage Nuad Phaen Boran is a massage art whose origins go back a long way. Its founder, Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, personal physician of the Indian royal family and friend of the Buddha, used this massage art more than 2500 years ago. Later, this form of massage was also spread in Thailand and cultivated and further developed by the monks. The energy that flows through the body (prana, chi or life force) as well as the energy channels (meridians, nadis or sen sib) are the focus of this massage.


Traditional Thai massage (Nuad Phaen Boran), like most Far Eastern techniques, is a method that focuses on the interplay of body, mind and spirit. It is about harmonising the body. In this massage, the masseur works along the energy pathways, the meridians. Only when the energy of life can flow freely can blockages be released and body, mind and soul become one.


A Thai massage involves both the energetic and the physical parts of the body. The sequence is from foot to head. The body is moved, loosened and stretched in exactly this order by the therapist using various techniques.


In traditional Thai massage, you lie on an appropriate, slightly thicker mat on the floor, as the therapist uses his whole body for the massage. In addition, stretches and postures of varying intensity are used. Alternating pressure is applied to specific areas of the body with the palms, fingers, elbows, forearms, knees and legs.



Aims of Thai massage

On the physical level:

- Reduction of muscle tension.

- Very effective in case of chronic tension and contractures

- Invigorates the metabolism

- Relaxes the body in general

- Soothes head, neck, back and shoulder pain


On the mental and emotional level

- Helps release repressed feelings

- Restores inner balance

- Helps return to a state of calm

- Clears sensations of heaviness, depression, fatigue

- Promotes a state of calm and joy


Back and legs

50 minutes CHF 110.-
Full body massage 80 minutes CHF 180.-

Foot massage

A soothing foot bath and a stimulating foot scrub are followed by a relaxing foot massage. Your energy flow in the body is positively influenced, your muscles loosened and your well-being increased.


25 minutes

CHF 60.-
50 minutes CHF 110.-